Using Skeleton Troop Cards Effectively in Clash Royale

Strategy mobile games that use tower defense strategies like Clash of Clans and Clash Royale rely heavily on the planning and execution of troop cards during a battle. First of all you have to acquire thee cards somehow, and then after acquiring them into your deck collection you have to make sure to use them at the opportune moment within a battle sequence with the opponent. There are so many types of cards you can choose from and each cards has its pros and cons.

Some cards come at a very high cost and require you to use up most of your currency in order to obtain them and integrate them into your card collection. Whereas, other cards are very low cost and hardly make a dent on your currency reserves. But keeping this in mind the player must also remember that the low cost cards, although they are cheap and easy to dispose, provide very little attacking points against your enemy. At most, you can use the cheaper cards as a shield of defense against the enemy attacks while your more expensive, better power cards can do all the heavy lifting when it comes to defeating the enemy in the battle.
One of the troop cards you can use in the battle field that can give you a great advantage are the skeleton troop cards. You can use the skeleton troop cards as a Clash Royale hack to be more effective in the battlefield and get ahead in XP points. Skeleton cards come in a variety of types in a Clash Royale hack. In the skeleton class of Clash Royale troop cards, only the giant skeleton troop cards are the strongest ones among the whole group, the rest of the card tend to be much weaker. Most of the skeleton cards are very weak and they can easily be targeted and taken down by arrows in a single blow. Skeleton troop cards even tend to die off the fastest in the field of battle against the enemy.

How to Use Skeleton Troops as a Clash Royale Hack

A Clash Royale hack about using skeleton troops might be very helpful in helping you during the battle, especially if you use it for clash royale free gems 2018. Because most of the skeleton cards tend to be very weak, and often won’t last long in the battle field, you can use a Clash Royale hack to make them more useful. The thing with these kind of cheaper and weaker cards is that you can use them in a multitude of useful ways which you can’t use the bigger costlier cards. The Clash Royale hack for using these weak skeleton cards is to deploy them during the battle to give your troops an upper hand against the enemy’s troops.
You can do this by sending them down into the battle field just before sending down your main strong killer card troop. By sending your weaker skeleton card troops down first you can distract your enemy by the influx of troops from your end and block their attacks. The enemy on the field will be so confused by the amount of troops suddenly flooding into the field on top of them that it will give you ample amounts of time to figure out your own attack. While the enemy is busy fighting off your skeleton troops, you can drop your strong killer card troop on top of them and unleash your attack onto them. The best thing about this Clash Royale hack is that you can make great use of weak cards in the battle field.

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