Tips and Tricks of Clash of Clans

Clash of clans is said to be one of the greatest games available in the App store for all the gaming lovers out there. It is quite a lengthy and compelling game by getting the strategic gameplay and multi-player combined. Most of the players of the clash of clans get to the top levels after having spent almost two years. This game, therefore, can be frustrating because of its lengthiness as people tend to gather more pleasure and satisfaction when they can level up the gameplay easily.
Clash of Clans includes buildings and protection and a particular village and further attacking other villages. The game progresses by signaling the superior level of Town Hall and the middle of the village, thereby leveling up the game harder, longer and pricier. There are different types of defenses, various kinds of troops, various sets of heroes and also a wide range of other things that are to be discovered as the game develops.
The gameplay of this game is simple, and one can easily reach the higher level by following some Clash of Clans hack tool in order to experience an easier win with the help of few tips and tricks.

– Saving gems for a rainy day
This is one the best ways to make progress in the game by saving the gems for a rainy day and not spend those gems while the tutorial goes on. These gems will help in leveling up the gameplay faster. One can also get the training troops boosted or get a shield bought so as to protect the village for a specific time period.

– Getting good village layout created
This is important, especially when one is playing to win over trophies which usually can be achieved by making a successful attack on a village or even by getting your own village defended.

– Upgrading the collectors and mines
Instead of getting the villages raided, another best way to accumulate assets is to gather them. Elixir pumps, gold mines, and dark elixir drills are available in plenty and can produce ample amount of resources greatly depending upon the level of the game.

– Not getting the shield broken
The shield is responsible for protecting your village carefully from any attack from outside for a certain time period. In case you are raiding another village whilst the shield is active can break it and this needs to be avoided. Attacks should be made only when the shield remains down.

– Joining a clan
Here, a clan is a group of maximum 50 players who can get their troops shared, reach to the war and further chat while the game goes on. One can create their own clan and get the setting customized and therefore, begin to hang out with other game players. This will provide a greater community sense.
These are some of the main tips that one must follow in order to smoothen his game experience and reach to higher levels with fewer obstructions. As this game is a lengthier and can easily frustrate a player, adopting some tricks and strategies can help them to enjoy the game and keep their interest alive until the end of the gameplay.

Diamond Speeding and Building Materials Hay Day Hack

From the makers of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, Hay Day is probably one of the most laid back and fun game published by Supercell. Hay day is free farming mobile game app with upgradeable premium features available upon payment. The basic plot of the game is taking over the management and upkeep of a large farm left to your charge by your uncle who is having too much of hard time looking after the farm on his own.

The player has to keep in mind many different aspects of the farm that require constant care and management while bringing in a profit. Although there is a tutorial feature in the game where a scare crow on the farm guides you in the beginning of the game on how to do basic tasks, starting with the harvesting of wheat crop, but that does not give you much ease in your game experience as compared to Hay Day hacks that can help on a vastly higher level. Hay Day hacks make the game easier and more fun to play.

Hay Day demonstrates how difficult it is to manage a multitasking farming game that not only has a management and investment aspect to it, but a strategic aspect to it too. Businesses in real life, like in the Hay Day farm, are after all about key strategies and a great focus of attention. There are many Hay Day hacks that serve multiple purposes and teach you how to execute different kinds of activities within the game. This article is going to explore two of the main Hay Day hacks that will optimize your gaming experience. They are:


Hay Day Hack : Searching for Building Materials

You need building materials to be able to upgrade the storage space in the barn and silo on the Hay Day farm.  One of the main ways of finding new building materials is to find them when you are out in the fields of your farm and tending to your animals. While you’re there a lot of mystery boxes pop up that are great for finding new building materials. Another Hay Day hack to finding new building materials is to use your hay day free diamonds to avail the mystery boxes.

Hay Day Hack : Using Diamonds for Speeding up Production of Different Items

It is obvious that diamonds are one of the main currencies in Hay Day and there are even many Hay Day hacks to gaining more diamonds. Apart from using Hay Day hacks you can even purchase diamonds in the game. Why are diamonds so important? Because in Hay Day there is a lot of financial investment involved. Slow progress of production can be very unnerving which where diamonds come in handy to speed up the production of different items. By using your diamonds as a Hay Day hack, you can tap on any animal or crop and then click on the lightning icon and speed them up.

Keep Up with Your Crops and Animals with this Hay Day Hack

Hay Day is very easy and soothing mobile farming game app that can be downloaded and played free of cost but with the option of upgrading to the premium version for a certain price. The game plot is about a man who is the player’s uncle and runs a farm. This uncle is facing great difficulties in running in his farm smoothly, so he has come to you and requires your aid in running the farm better, which is why he hands the responsibility over to you to overlook. In the beginning this task is made easier with tutorials given by scare crow, the very first of which is a lesson about how to harvest wheat.

Although, a highly enjoyable game, Hay Day consumes quite a lot of time to play and to be able to get the hang of things and have enough XP points to level up. Let’s face it, levelling up requires a lot of time and get in the way of you fully enjoying the game and that is where you can jump over the problem with some helpful Hay Day cheats for android.

Double Reward!

As is the case in most farming games, Hay Day rewards you with coins and diamonds and currency along with XP points according to your progress in the game. This makes the reward two times bigger since not only does it give you the joy of gardening by tending to your farm, it also gives you advances in the game to make it a more satisfying experience. Without a Hay Day hack, you need a lot of time to get a handle on the basics and get the farm up and running smoothly. You get tutorials in the beginning of the game by a scarecrow, who initially gets you started by teaching you how to harvest wheat.

After you get the hang of how to play Hay Day with the handling of the animals and the crops on the farm, you’ll have to be careful in managing both to maximize your farming experience, which is why this Hay Day hack is important to remember. To survive your crops and animals depend on each other and have a mutually beneficial relationship. It is very important to remember this fact for this Hay Day hack. Which is why you need to stay on top of feeding your animals adequately so that they can produce important goods seamlessly, but you also have to keep it a priority to use some of that feeding material to make and bring more novel items to the market.

Bring new animals into the pen and feed them liberally initially until they get well settled into the farm and start making produce. You have to remember to keep your farm expanding evenly between the animals and the crops. This Hay Day hack will ensure you never run out of any resource and are able to stay on top of things.