Guns of Boom: Time for Battle, Soldier!

Everybody loves stories. They are ways of engaging you, build your imagination, and for some time, you feel like a genius after solving a difficult problem.
This applies to games as well. Some may not seem to have stories at all, but when you are attentive, you will pick them out. Stories are essentials. For instance, in every game that exists, there is always a villain and a hero, an imaginary world and conflicts, and stories will give the game a basic context for you to work on.
Guns of Boom is the same as all these. It ranks players depending on their trophy counts and points scored. There are fifty levels, and players gain more points to advance to higher levels by joining and winning different battles and missions. Multiplayer battles decide losers and winners.
What is Guns of Boom?

This is a FPS game (First Person Shooter), developed by a Lithuanian company, Game Insight. Its release date was on 18th of May 2017, and it works on all Apple, Kindle and Android mobile devices. It utilizes multiplayer shooting, so get ready to get into groups (clans) when you start playing. It has a preferred engine of use – Unity.

Some of the game features

It has very user-friendly controls
For first-time and young players, relax – the game is simple enough for you to navigate easily. Even the most hardcore players can take some breathers, since the skill-cap set is high enough.

Amazing graphics make for amazing gameplay

The design of the game is beautiful and very detailed, and the shooting is efficient, therefore enhancing the gaming experience as a result. If you are worried about lags in playing, worry no more – the graphics are not memory-intensive, surprisingly.
Involving battles and multi-player gaming

Because it uses multi-player modes, you can join up with others, form a team, and kill the enemy! As you gain more experience in different matches, you not only increase your points but also of your team. Another way to get guns of boom free gunbucks is by winning more often.
Wide variety of weapons

This game is very vibrant on its ammunition. With over 48 guns to choose, these comprise of sniper rifles, shotguns, machine guns, and so many more. In fact, each of these guns have their own uniqueness, such as slowing down enemies, increased headshot damage, and astonishingly health leeching.
Fun is everywhere

Get ready for increasing adrenaline levels in your body. Once you enter this game, you are now a soldier and it is time to get ready for battle!
Automatic fire

The most interesting thing – there is no shooting button. This means that your job is to create an effective strategy, follow it and get your adversary in the crosshairs.
Final verdict
This is a worthwhile game for all genders. Because it emphasizes teamwork, it is very good to help friends bond together. It is even a god option if you wish to relax after a long day. This game is perfect for you if you consider yourself a macho man yet you do not enjoy literally shooting things.

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