Diamond Speeding and Building Materials Hay Day Hack

From the makers of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, Hay Day is probably one of the most laid back and fun game published by Supercell. Hay day is free farming mobile game app with upgradeable premium features available upon payment. The basic plot of the game is taking over the management and upkeep of a large farm left to your charge by your uncle who is having too much of hard time looking after the farm on his own.

The player has to keep in mind many different aspects of the farm that require constant care and management while bringing in a profit. Although there is a tutorial feature in the game where a scare crow on the farm guides you in the beginning of the game on how to do basic tasks, starting with the harvesting of wheat crop, but that does not give you much ease in your game experience as compared to Hay Day hacks that can help on a vastly higher level. Hay Day hacks make the game easier and more fun to play.

Hay Day demonstrates how difficult it is to manage a multitasking farming game that not only has a management and investment aspect to it, but a strategic aspect to it too. Businesses in real life, like in the Hay Day farm, are after all about key strategies and a great focus of attention. There are many Hay Day hacks that serve multiple purposes and teach you how to execute different kinds of activities within the game. This article is going to explore two of the main Hay Day hacks that will optimize your gaming experience. They are:


Hay Day Hack : Searching for Building Materials

You need building materials to be able to upgrade the storage space in the barn and silo on the Hay Day farm.  One of the main ways of finding new building materials is to find them when you are out in the fields of your farm and tending to your animals. While you’re there a lot of mystery boxes pop up that are great for finding new building materials. Another Hay Day hack to finding new building materials is to use your hay day free diamonds to avail the mystery boxes.

Hay Day Hack : Using Diamonds for Speeding up Production of Different Items

It is obvious that diamonds are one of the main currencies in Hay Day and there are even many Hay Day hacks to gaining more diamonds. Apart from using Hay Day hacks you can even purchase diamonds in the game. Why are diamonds so important? Because in Hay Day there is a lot of financial investment involved. Slow progress of production can be very unnerving which where diamonds come in handy to speed up the production of different items. By using your diamonds as a Hay Day hack, you can tap on any animal or crop and then click on the lightning icon and speed them up.

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