A guide on the Simoleons of SimCity buildit

SimCity buildit is very much popular nowadays. This is an addictive mobile simulation game, and you can play it on any device. The game has been created and launched by EA. The game starts where you will be the mayor of the city when your job is to build more and more buildings as well as provide new services to the population of the city. So for doing that you will need some resources and here SimCity buildit free simcash or the golden keys are the only way to getting it. So constantly upgrade and rebuild all the infrastructures to make it comfortable for your people. So you have to play this game with strategy and a plan. Here in this game, you have to make one thing sure that the layout is perfect. As you are going to provide the services so, do not spend unnecessary resources on unnecessary services.

Things to know about the Simoleons

As resources play a major role, so the golden keys or SimCity buildit free simcash are considered to be the main currency. So when it comes to earning these coins, you will have to keep upgrading all the buildings and residential areas. Another way of getting these coins is by trading and selling. If you want, then you can also purchase this simcash.

This currency is also known as green money. You will only get the money once you complete the achievements which will make your city a better place to live. One of the easiest tricks is to visit other cities and pop out the bubbles.

There will be some disaster challenges where you can use this Golden keys to find an escape. You can also use this disasters challenge for gaining some more SimCity builditĀ simcash.

There is another currency that is the blue diamond having a very light color. But you cannot purchase this currency, so you have to participate in Mayor’s contest and win it for getting this priceless currency. Mayor’s contest comprises of the renovations which you will do to the legendary items and the buildings. Both the town League and the City league will be included in this contest.

There is a neo simoleon which replicates the blue hexagon. But for that, you have to purchase and build the Omega home which will help you to produce more of this new simoleon every hour, and from that, you can get near about 200 neo simoleon per day.

This guide on the coins or currency of SimCity buildit will help you to proceed in the game easily. Because it is very much important to know where to use the SimCity buildit free simcash and when not to spend them.

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